Hospital Radio Bedford

New Year for Hospital Radio Bedford

Further to HRB’s AGM a new year commences and a new committee is in place to manage the organisation.

Geoff Clark takes over as Chairperson for 2017/18. Geoff has been associated with HRB since the 1980’s but with a break in volunteering due to career and family has got actively involved again since retirement. He has occupied the post as Programmes Manager for the last few years and is looking forward to his stint as Chairperson.

Peter Hadfield previously Chairperson for five years has taken on the co-opted role of Vice Chairperson. Peter will be involved in the review of the organisations strategy and the potential move to a CIO.

John Dixon, a long time member of HRB takes on the role of Secretary.

Sue Conyers remains as Treasurer a post she has managed excellently for the last few years.

Frank Palmer a stalwart of HRB takes on the role of Programmes Manager.

Simon Marshall brings his expertise to the role of Membership Officer. Simon has been a member of HRB man and boy and is ably suited to promote the benefits of volunteering with an organisation like HRB.

Dave Hill maintains his co-opted position of Station Engineer with large rubber mallet at the ready when things of wrong.

Ron Stanley continues his co-opted role of IT Officer, an essential role in a modern broadcasting environment, although he does sometimes borrow Dave’s mallet.

Lastly Barry Tappenden a new member of HRB brings his skill set to the co-opted role of Promotions Manager.

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