12:00AM This is Hospital Radio Bedford
The music and information you need to while away your time in hospital. Relax and let HRB entertain you with some classic tracks and essential hospital and local information.
01:00AM Night-time HRB
07:00AM HRB Better Breakfast
 With Jon Godel
10:00AM Health Today with Dominic Arkwright
01:00PM Lunchtime on HRB 
02:00PM Retro Rewind
 With David Alley
05:00PM The A – Z of Pop
Richard Smith takes you on a musical journey exploring artists and songs that start with a chosen letter of the alphabet. What letter is in the spotlight today?
07:00PM Simon Bandy
Simon plays his kind of music.
08:00PM The Request Programme
Your requests on Hospital Radio Bedford with Melanie Blackman
09:00PM Steve Gallagher
10:00PM  Comedy Night
11:00PM Night time on HRB
Music away from the mainstream easing you through the midnight hour