About HRB

Hospital Radio Bedford provides over thirty seven hours of wide ranging radio programmes each week to the 300 patients of Bedford General Hospital. The organisation is a registered charity and is operated by a committee of seven and around thirty to forty members. As well as broadcasting, we have the unique opportunity of being able to visit our listeners on the wards when collecting requests for our nightly request programmes. These can be heard between the hours of 8pm and 9pm each weeknight.

Hospital Radio Bedford started broadcasting on the 28th June 1975 from a twelve feet by ten feet room in the main hospital building next to the telephone exchange. On the 11th January 1982, HRB moved to new accommodation in the grounds of the hospital. This was a much larger, fully air-conditioned portacabin, providing enough space for a reception, record library, main and talks studio and a small production suite.

In 1995, HRB moved back into the main hospital building to allow for the construction of a new maternity and children's wing. The facilities provided by the hospital mean HRB now has three large studios, a record library and reception area situated near the main entrance of the hospital.

As we are a registered charity a percentage of funds is raised through membership fees, but most is obtained by fundraising events held throughout the year and donations. Hospital Radio Bedford members have raised money by flag days, sponsored events, the sale of duplicate and old records, Christmas Bazaars, fun days and fetes to name but a few. For two years in succession we held a three day Mega Broadcast session, playing Number One Hits from the last thirty years, which was sponsored by local businesses.