Saturday Schedule

04:00 pmWhat’s On The Jukebox05:00 pmIn The Year

12:00 am Night Time on HRB
  Music away from the mainstream easing you through the midnight hour.
07:00 am HRB Better Breakfast –With Jon Godel
08:00 am Dark Side of The Moon
   Gary Jackson
10:00 am Barry’s Music Mix
   Barry Tappenden
12:00 till 2:00 pm  Your Body is Your Temple
  Valma James
02:00 to 04:00pm Saturday Sessions
   with Samantha Love
04:00 pm Saturday Lounge
  Laura Taylor
06:00 pm In The Year
   Graeme Logan
07:00PM That Was The Year That Was
  Jon Godel
08:00PM HRB Jukebox 
09:00PM Motown Magic – with Geoff Clark
10:00PM The Real Enjoyment of Jazz  – Mike Winn
11:00 pm Night-time Lazy – Tom McGrath