Sunday Schedule


12:00AM HRB Night Time
  Music away from the mainstream easing you through the midnight hour.
07:00 am HRB Better Breakfast -With Jon Godel
08:00 am Positive Spin – Dave McFarlane
10:00 am Ian McCartney on the radio
12:00pm Sunday Lunch  – Geoff White
02:00pm HRB Jukebox
03:00pm The Gary Jackson Show – Gary Jackson
05:00pm Album Time – Ian Brown
06:00pm The Vintage Years – Jim Simpson
07:00PM That Was The Year That Was – Jon Godel
08:00PM Nashville Access – Dallas & Como
09:00PM Before The Beatles – Chris Clarke
10:00PM In The Drawing Room -Ken Anton
 11:00PM Night-time Lazy. – Tom McGrath